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  • Beauty With Younique

    Hello ladies ! Today’s post is about beauty products. You already know I am a Younique presenter and I love their products. For those of you that don’t know, Younique is known for their 3D Fiber Lash Mascara. It’s what people first buy as the before and after photos really sell it. It’s like no […]

  • Fashion
  • Gorgeous Dress

    Hello everyone ! How are you? I am delighted by this new beautiful dress I received from www.sheinside.com. I always liked these kind of dresses, they are so elegant and feminine.. I really love the gold detail it has and I can’t wait for the summer to enhance the beauty of this dress with a […]

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  • Cute Handbags

    Hello pretty ladies ! You know everytime I find something nice I like sharing it with you, right ? Today it’s about bags, just found some pretty ones here : https://www.coco-fashion.com/. I think it’s worth a quick look, so go ahead ! I made it really easy for you, just click on the link above the […]

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  • When In Doubt, Visit London.

    Hmm.. how many times I’ve been here ? I don’t remember ! What I do know is every time is as interesting & exciting as the first time. Why ? Well.. I guess you already know how many things are to be seen in London. You can never be bored there, London is so full […]

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  • Giveaway Winner

    Hello everyone ! As you well know, today it’s the end of the giveaway and I will announce who is the lucky winner of the jumpsuit. As you commented, I made the list in the exact same order :   1. Demi Proca 2. Karin Sprynova 3. Denise Nadia Ciobanu 4. Denisa Ludrovska 5. Tuculianu […]

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  • Shakespeare’s Birthplace Town

    How are you people ? How was your Easter ? I had a lovely time with my family and friends at home, ate Romanian traditional food and visited Shakespeare’s birthplace town – Stratford upon Avon, in Warwickshire county. For more information of this lovely town I uploaded a youtube video below. We definitely want to […]

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  • Giveaway – Floral White Jumpsuit

    Hello sweet people ! Easter is nearly here and me, the easter bunny have a surprise for you ! Because I reached 1000 likes and followers on Facebook, I decided to make a contest with this lovely jumpsuit from www.Romwe.com.   I have it in a Medium size, the material is polyester, and the design […]

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  • High Heel Point Toe Shoes

    When it comes to shoes I think every girl wants to have more than one pair, right? There are so many different shapes and colours to choose from, so it’s really impossible to be happy with one or two pairs.. Us, girls always want more ! Because of that, I chose to make an inspirational […]

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  • Leicester – An Ultra Cosmpolitan City

    EN: Leicester is everything you would expect from a truly multicultural metropolis – vibrant, thriving and ultra cosmopolitan. This is the kind of city I would love to live in ! It has museums, shopping centres, bars, nightclubs, theatres and a space centre which I will visit very soon ! Me and my friends went […]

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  • OOTD – Yellow Coat

    EN: Hello ! Today I want to show you my new yellow coat received from She Inside. I mixed it with my favourite bag from Paul’s Boutique and a colorful watch. The rest of the outfit is black as I love this non-colour and my wardrobe it’s full of black clothes. I am really happy […]