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  • Blue Flare Pleated Skirt

    Hello all ! I love my new skirt from She Inside. I know I keep talking about She Inside all the time but they have so many interesting clothes and the prices are absolutely affordable for everyone ! I mixed this flared pleated skirt with a vintage blazer I had for a long time, my […]

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  • Giveaway – Green Gemstone Diamond Earrings

    Hello everyone ! Today I have another giveaway with these gorgeous green gemstone diamond earrings. For more information about them press the image below or this link : She Inside. To enter this giveaway you have to follow these steps : 1. LIKE my Facebook page : (press here). 2. SHARE this post on your […]

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  • Original Pieces – MUST HAVE !

    Hello everyone ! Whether it’s a bag, shoes, a necklace or a dress, everyone needs some original pieces in their wardrobe that makes the outfit go out of the ordinary and makes people wonder ” uuu…where did she buy that from? “ I have found some statement items that will stand out everytime you wear […]

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  • I Have Wings …

    …and a dog as you already know :)) I love this beautiful winged sweater received from She Inside and I think it looks great with boyfriend ripped jeans and sneakers, but you can also wear it with a skirt and heels. To be honest, the only time I wear sneakers is when I go to […]

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  • The Sequined Eye Top

    Hello ! Remember my wishlist ? Well I just received the sequined top from Romwe and I also bought the flare skirt on blue, and the golden bracelet so I am pretty happy ! The nice lipstain on my lips is from Younique. Enjoy the photos !   OOTD : Jeans and Ring – River […]

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  • White Cliffs Of Dover

    Hello everyone ! It’s been a while, I know.. but I’ve been really busy with lots of things. Some close friends of mine are getting married soon and we can’t make it to the wedding, so me and my husband decided to visit them in the weekend. They live in Maidstone, but we also went […]

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  • |Wishlist|

    My big crush when it comes to material things are… CLOTHES ! Not a surprise for anyone, right ? That’s why I started this blog in the first place ! I decided to make another wishlist for you to get inspired and show you my latest favourite pieces from Romwe I want to buy because […]

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  • Black Widow With A Touch Of Yellow

    Sunny days, happy days ! With all this being said you know that black is a happy colour, right ? :)) I may have a problem with wearing black as I so often do, but hey, this time I brought some yellow too ! I think you all remember the other post with this fabulous […]

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  • Houndstooth Print Skirt

    Hello sweet people ! Today I want to present you my new houndstooth print skirt and gorgeous white blouse which came as a set and you can buy them from here : www.romwe.com. I had a really great time shooting  because the weather was perfect ! OOTD : Blouse & Skirt – Romwe Shoes & […]