20’s, 60’s, 80’s


Hello everyone !

Today I want to present you my latest collaboration with two lovely ladies who share the same passion as me : Art.

We all know that art comes in many forms like make-up, photography, fashion, music etc.

This post includes the art of make-up, fashion and photography.

I will first show you my make-up & hair which is inspired by the 1960’s.





Next pictures are inspired by the 1920’s.

Her name is Denise and you can see more of her work here : Captured by Denise.




And the last one was inspired by the colorful 1980’s.

Her name is Roxana and you can see her work here : Make-up Nataly.




And of course what else can three girls do when they meet ?

Have fun !!! 😀



Photographer : Denise Ciobanu

Fashion Adviser : Diana Rusu

Hair & Make-up : Roxana Hargau

See you soon !



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