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  • White Cliffs Of Dover

    Hello everyone ! It’s been a while, I know.. but I’ve been really busy with lots of things. Some close friends of mine are getting married soon and we can’t make it to the wedding, so me and my husband decided to visit them in the weekend. They live in Maidstone, but we also went […]

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  • When In Doubt, Visit London.

    Hmm.. how many times I’ve been here ? I don’t remember ! What I do know is every time is as interesting & exciting as the first time. Why ? Well.. I guess you already know how many things are to be seen in London. You can never be bored there, London is so full […]

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  • Shakespeare’s Birthplace Town

    How are you people ? How was your Easter ? I had a lovely time with my family and friends at home, ate Romanian traditional food and visited Shakespeare’s birthplace town – Stratford upon Avon, in Warwickshire county. For more information of this lovely town I uploaded a youtube video below. We definitely want to […]

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  • Leicester – An Ultra Cosmpolitan City

    EN: Leicester is everything you would expect from a truly multicultural metropolis – vibrant, thriving and ultra cosmopolitan. This is the kind of city I would love to live in ! It has museums, shopping centres, bars, nightclubs, theatres and a space centre which I will visit very soon ! Me and my friends went […]

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  • Hello Brighton !

          Hello, hello ! I don’t know how many of you visited Brighton which it’s an interesting city if you can be a bit open-minded.. I say this because it’s considered the UK’s gay capital. Yes you heard me right ! Despite this, Brighton has to offer a beautiful seaside with a great […]

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  • Kirby Hall

    Hello everyone ! Today I want to share with you another wonderful visit at a historical place. It’s about Kirby Hall which is also in Corby, the city where I live. Kirby Hall is one of England’s greatest Elizabethan and 17th century houses earlier owned by Sir Christopher Hatton, Lord Chancellor to Queen Elizabeth I. […]

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  • Ibiza

      What can I say more ? The title says everything ! This means a lot of fun, sand, sun, beach, nightclubs, tanned skin and cocktails. This was last summer as well.. Oh, how I miss it… We chose San Antonio because is one of the most popular and well-known resorts in Ibiza. It is […]

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  • Rockingham Castle

    EN: This castle was built in the 11th century and has amazing views. The ticket is very accessible in my opinion, as it’s only £6 and it’s best to visit it in the summer to see the magnificient rose garden ! Below the Castle is the beautiful 19th century “wild garden” replanted with advice from […]