Colorfull Day

Hello people ! How are you lately ? I am great, just planned my holiday for september and I can’t wait now, I am really excited !
I never had a favourite colour because I just can’t decide ! I like a multitude of colours and love to wear colorfull and vibrant clothes. In the past I used to wear black a lot but now I think colorfull outfits go better with my personality and my energy.
Plus the colours have the power to balance and heal your chakras when you wear them, eat them as in salads or drink them as in natural juices or when you are surrounded by them. Each of your chakras is vibrating at a particular frequency and responds to different vibrations and every chakra has a specific colour. There is a connection between color and emotion. There is no single color that has more value than the other, so try to include every single one in your life !
Now I will leave you with my latest outfit. Kisses !





Dress and sunglasses – Random

Blazer – Primark

Bag and Flats – Tk Maxx

Ring – Escada

Bracelet – She Inside

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4 Comment

  1. Debajani says: Reply

    Awesome color combination.

  2. Thank you !

  3. Colourful.Got in the summer mood girl.Love it!

    1. Thank you dear ! :*

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