Latest Trends – Metallic Clothes

Silver or gold clothes, also known as “metallic” clothes are now back in rave as they used to be in the 80’s.

It follows, then, that metallic clothes and accessories were a futuristic trend that we snatched right up in our lace-gloved little hands. Shiny! Eye catching! We loved gold and silver items in particular, with occasional dashes of bronze, copper, and vibrant metallic colors thrown in.

I think we can all agree that this is another great turnaround of fashion and we can raid our mother’s closets for some unique vintage pieces to keep up with the trend.

As per my previous post, I have again gathered some pieces I would like to buy, this time from :

You can also find them on Facebook or on their blog.


Woven Plain Casual 3/4 Sleeve Mini Dress

Silver Bow Paneled Long Sleeve Blouse

V Neck Sexy Short Sleeve Bandage Dress

Viscose Solid 3/4 Sleeve Sheath Sexy Midi Dress


Silver Pleated A-line Simple Plain Midi Skirt

Silver Shirred Off Shoulder Long Sleeved Top With A Metallic Thread

Silver Mini Evening Plated Metal Crossbody

Casual Turtleneck Long Sleeve Sweater With A Metallic Thread

Champagne Small Cowhide Leather Top Handle

Golden Long Sleeve Pockets Plain Blazer

Golden Small Cowhide Leather Evening Shoulder Bag

Golden Long Sleeve Bodycon Folds Plunging Neck Mini Dress


See you soon !

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2 Comment

  1. Great picks! Love the gold clothes!
    Happy New Year, Isabella x

    1. Glad you like them !
      Happy New Year ! Xx

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