Life Updates

Hello my lovely readers !

I know I haven’t kept my word in writing more often on this blog but I have been a really busy lady lately and major changes took place in my life.

For starters I got divorced which turned out to be a good thing, got rid of some toxic people and fake “friends” and after a while of finding myself and rebalancing my life I got reunited with a wonderful man who is now my partner.  We moved together,  travelled a bit, worked a lot, I got pregnant and also bought our own house. YAY ! 🙂

I have also just turned 27 and had a final house party in the house I have rented for nearly 5 years.

As I am now in maternity leave and waiting for the lovely baby boy I am carrying,  I will have more time to write new articles, think what to do next with my career, planning everything for the baby and also look into new interesting ideas to decorate and furnish my new house.  Exciting plans, hey ?

Finding out I was pregnant was one of the happiest moments in my life even though I was never crazy over the idea of being a mother I am now 1 month away of a new sweet little soul I am dying for to meet.

I will now leave you with some pictures that will say more than words can.




See you soon !




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