Pearl Beading Pink Top

Hello everyone !

It has been a while since I last wrote on my blog but I had some major changes in my life and could not gather myself together to write plus I have sold my old camera and it took me a while to decide whether to continue with the blog or not, what kind of camera to buy etc.

Decisions, decisions..

Although it has been a long break, I decided to rise from the ashes and continue this hobby of mine hopefully to inspire myself more and possibly other people.

I will start by introducing you with this gorgeous pink beaded top from She Inside matched with a long black skirt which can also be worn as a dress and some long black high knee boots.

The weather was a bit unusual for UK as it does not snow much but I didn’t care and took the pictures anyway, nothing can stop me this time ! 🙂



She Inside top

Random black skirt

Zara high knee boots

TKMAXX pink coat

Citizen watch

Pandora bracelet

Primark earrings and bag


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