Red Little Bag In Stamford

Hello ! Have you ever been in Stamford, United Kingdom ?
If not, you should go there because it’s a bustling, prosperous, market town. It has a wide range of shops, hostelries and attractions. So whether the tranquil river walks, fine Georgian buildings or the more modern attractions captivate you, Stamford has something to charm everyone ! The popular Town Trail takes you through Stamford exploring passageways, main thoroughfares and market squares.
I also want to introduce you to my new red beautiful small bag which you can buy it from here : Coco Fashion. Isn’t it cute ? I love it !



 Blouse, Ring, Earrings and Sunglasses – Primark

Jeans – River Island

Blazer – New Look

Shoes – Random

Bag – Coco Fashion

DSC_0097DSC_0002pizap.com14333210650331DSC_0096DSC_0027DSC_0009DSC_0089DSC_0045DSC_0050DSC_0078DSC_0077DSC_0069DSC_0062pizap.com14333225108121SHOP THE BAG

|Click the image below|


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  1. Cute little bag <3

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