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  • Life Updates

    Hello my lovely readers ! I know I haven’t kept my word in writing more often on this blog but I have been a really busy lady lately and major changes took place in my life. For starters I got divorced which turned out to be a good thing, got rid of some toxic people […]

  • Fashion
  • Trendy Crazy Bags

    Hello ladies ! I know you all want to stand out when choosing an outfit, so I came up with some ideas. The right accessory has the power to transform an outfit. And if you are a creative person you like to really define your look by having a statement piece, and in this case […]

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  • Studio Shooting – Part Four

    EN: As I promised, I will show you all six outfits from the studio shooting with Colin Forde so, this is the fourth. I had so much fun shooting this because the photographer came with this crazy idea I should shoot with mixed pieces, which don’t work with each other. Of course I said yes, […]