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    Hello my lovely readers ! I know I haven’t kept my word in writing more often on this blog but I have been a really busy lady lately and major changes took place in my life. For starters I got divorced which turned out to be a good thing, got rid of some toxic people […]

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  • Maxi Dresses

    Hello my dear readers ! Do you remember the gorgeous maxi dress I wore last time ? I have it from She Inside but you can now find it on Romwe as well. Click on the image below to go directly to the link.     Summer is now here and you already know how […]

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  • High Heel Point Toe Shoes

    When it comes to shoes I think every girl wants to have more than one pair, right? There are so many different shapes and colours to choose from, so it’s really impossible to be happy with one or two pairs.. Us, girls always want more ! Because of that, I chose to make an inspirational […]

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  • Dresses

    EN: Hello everyone ! I think dresses are very important in a girl’s wardrobe. They are easy to wear, easy to accessorize and come in so many shapes and colours.. I personally love them and I never have enough in my closet so I keep buying and buying… Well, I guess I am a typical […]

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  • Diamonds

    EN: “Diamonds are the world’s most¬† beautiful, delicate and precious stones yet also the toughest known to man. I find this juxtaposition irresistible.” ¬† <John France> I just found this guy on Facebook and he is selling some mind-blowing diamonds ! Here are some examples : RO: “Diamantele sunt cele mai frumoase, delicate si pretioase […]