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  • Super Juice Me

    Hi all ! Today I am going to talk about detox and the juicing diet. Why detox ? Well our body can detox itself when it’s correctly nourished and in perfect health but let’s be honest, how many of us are actually eating the proper amount of nutrients in a day ? Our lives nowadays […]

  • Fashion
  • Autumn Wishlist

    Hey Ladies ! Recently I realised that is already autumn and I need to update my wardrobe. When it comes to cold weather I am terrible, as I am literally freezing if I sense a dash of cold air. The worst are my hands and my feet, I am cold as a lizard. :)) I […]

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  • Spring is here !

      ¬†EN: Hello world ! Spring is finally here in all its splendor with beautiful flowers, warm weather, sunny days and the earth seems to come to life again ! Warm seasons always make me feel more alive, give me more energy, inspires me to do more things and smile more often ! Spring is […]