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  • Winter Or Autumn ?

    Hmm.. hard to tell.. It’s cold as if it’s winter but again, no snow.. I am starting to actually miss my natal country where as I say, “winter is winter, summer is summer” :)) Here it’s mostly autumn and spring. UK people, you know what I am talking about, right ? I tried to make […]

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  • Jeans are cool !

      Jeans are cool ! They have been around for a while and everyone is wearing them. They are a must in every wardrobe because they are comfortable and versatile and the options are endless. Plus they are affordable and you can create many styles with a single pair of denim ;  your imagination is […]

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  • OOTD – The Woolen Coat

    Hello everyone ! Autumn is here now and we have to adjust our clothing style accordingly. I recently received this woolen coat from She Inside and I must say it’s fabulous ! It’s really cosy and versatile, you can wear it with lots of things !   OOTD : Coat – She Inside Jeans – […]

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  • Summer Shorts

    Hello all ! Summer is here so let’s buy some shorts ! I have some options for you and also they have a promotion on this website : http://goo.gl/7IdymV. From 20/07 – 27/07 Buy two, get one free, any item !   White Zigzag Pattern Shorts Elastic Waist Embroidered White Shorts Silver Elastic Waist Pleated […]

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  • The Liebster Award

    Hello all ! I have been nominated by another blogger to join the Liebster award. The Liebster Award is a game between bloggers that give us the opportunity to introduce ourselves and discover new blogs. First, I would like to thank Cristiana’s Corner for nominating me as this is a great opportunity to meet other […]

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  • The White Blazer

    Hello everyone ! Today I have a new post for you with my new blazer received from She Inside which you can find here : www.sheinside.com, and my new little bag from Tk Maxx. This outfit is perfect for a day at the office or a coffee in town with the girls. Enjoy your day […]

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  • Red Little Bag In Stamford

    Hello ! Have you ever been in Stamford, United Kingdom ? If not, you should go there because it’s a bustling, prosperous, market town. It has a wide range of shops, hostelries and attractions. So whether the tranquil river walks, fine Georgian buildings or the more modern attractions captivate you, Stamford has something to charm everyone […]

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  • I Have Wings …

    …and a dog as you already know :)) I love this beautiful winged sweater received from She Inside and I think it looks great with boyfriend ripped jeans and sneakers, but you can also wear it with a skirt and heels. To be honest, the only time I wear sneakers is when I go to […]

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  • When In Doubt, Visit London.

    Hmm.. how many times I’ve been here ? I don’t remember ! What I do know is every time is as interesting & exciting as the first time. Why ? Well.. I guess you already know how many things are to be seen in London. You can never be bored there, London is so full […]

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  • Leicester – An Ultra Cosmpolitan City

    EN: Leicester is everything you would expect from a truly multicultural metropolis – vibrant, thriving and ultra cosmopolitan. This is the kind of city I would love to live in ! It has museums, shopping centres, bars, nightclubs, theatres and a space centre which I will visit very soon ! Me and my friends went […]