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  • FALL in love…

      Every season has its special beauty and autumn is no exception. Watching the trees turn from a uniform green to all varieties of gold, yellow and red is a spectacular experience.. Fall is such a beautiful season for those that have an eye to see its perfection.. Lovers of the season revel in its […]

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  • OOTD – The Yellow Bag

      OOTD : Skirt – H&M Sunglasses and Shoes – Primark Bag – She Inside Blouse and Bracelet – Random   Hello all ! Today I am just showing off my daily outfit and I must say I really love my new yellow bag from She Inside ! P.S. :¬† I fell in love with […]

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  • Black Widow With A Touch Of Yellow

    Sunny days, happy days ! With all this being said you know that black is a happy colour, right ? :)) I may have a problem with wearing black as I so often do, but hey, this time I brought some yellow too ! I think you all remember the other post with this fabulous […]

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  • Cute Handbags

    Hello pretty ladies ! You know everytime I find something nice I like sharing it with you, right ? Today it’s about bags, just found some pretty ones here :¬†https://www.coco-fashion.com/. I think it’s worth a quick look, so go ahead ! I made it really easy for you, just click on the link above the […]

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  • OOTD – Yellow Coat

    EN: Hello ! Today I want to show you my new yellow coat received from She Inside. I mixed it with my favourite bag from Paul’s Boutique and a colorful watch. The rest of the outfit is black as I love this non-colour and my wardrobe it’s full of black clothes. I am really happy […]

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  • Younique cosmetics – Make-up review

    Hello ladies ! Today I want to talk a bit about Younique beauty cosmetics and show you my make-up. I love Younique products and I am now a presenter, which means I sell them. What I can tell you about them is that they are free from harmful fillers, parabens and other toxic ingredients which […]

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  • Dresses

    EN: Hello everyone ! I think dresses are very important in a girl’s wardrobe. They are easy to wear, easy to accessorize and come in so many shapes and colours.. I personally love them and I never have enough in my closet so I keep buying and buying… Well, I guess I am a typical […]