Trainers I like

Hi all !

I have just found a new website with some amazing trainers and I had to share them with you !

The website is :,  check them out !

My favourites were the below :

Women Elevator Shoes Hidden Heel Sneakers White Taller Shoes 7 CM/ 2.76 Inches

Chamaripa Women Height Increasing Shoes High Heel Shoes

CHAMARIPA Chunky Sneakers women Lifting Sneakers Extra Height Shoes 8 CM/3.15 Inches

Height Increase Shoes Lift Shoes Elevator Sneaker Hidden High Heel Shoes for Women 7CM/2.76 Inch

Women Elevator Shoes Pink Sneaker with Lifts Heiht Insole Shoes to look taller 7 CM /2.76 Inches

Height Raising Shoes for Women Lifting Shoes Height Insoles Taller Shoes 7 CM /2.76 Inches

Chamaripa Women Elevator Height Increasing Shoes lifts for women

Casual Height Increasing Shoes for Women Hidden Heel Shoes Leather Taller Shoes 7 CM / 2.76 Inches

Women Height Increasing Shoes Leather Hidden Heel Shoes Elevator Sneakers 7 CM /2.76 Inches

Women Height Increasing Sneakers White High Heel Shoes to Add Height 7 CM /2.76 Inches

Air Flyknit Elevator Shoes for Women Height Increasing Sneaker Heels Shoes Black&Grey 7CM/2.76 Inches

Women Elevator Shoes Hidden Heel Shoes Heel Lift Shoes Green&Grey 7 CM /2.76 Inches

See you next time and enjoy shopping !

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