Trendy Crazy Bags

Hello ladies !
I know you all want to stand out when choosing an outfit, so I came up with some ideas.
The right accessory has the power to transform an outfit. And if you are a creative person you like to really define your look by having a statement piece, and in this case we are talking about bags.
We like to think of them as wearable art, symbols of fearless personal style and a validation of good humor. Remember Carrie from Sex and the city ?
Here she is, wearing an Eiffel Tour bag :
Dare to be different and unique, express your personal style, no matter how crazy it is !
Prepare for the craziness, but first you may want to read this :

Keep your outfit simple and let the bag be the outfit’s exclamation point.

Have fun ! How can you not wearing this ? Haha.

Also, if you like any of these bags just click on the pictures and it will direct you to their website where you can buy them 🙂



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